#46 Automate podman generate systemd using Quadlet
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There is the relatively young project ‘Quadlet’ which abstracts away the “systemd”-part of operating podman + systemd container setups and aims to reduce the config file setup to “what a container should be doing” while adding all the rest a systemd unit file requires based on the latest podman systemd generator spec automatically.

We could write an article like on the GNOME blog for FM: Quadlet, an easier way to run system containers – Alexander Larsson

Not sure however what “special sauce” we could add to make it distinct from the GNOME article except using Fedora Linux terminology and CLI. That could need a little more thinking - apart from that it’s nice to promote it on the FM nevertheless.

The project currently does not have an RPM package and has to be build from source.


1 Introduction - what is Quadlet, where does it come frome
2 How to set it up
3 How to use it
4 What to expect in the future? (Integration in podman, RPM packaging?)
5 Maybe: How to contribute - become RPM package maintainer

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