#45 Orchestrate multi-container setups using Podman + systemd
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Currently we have articles on podman + systemd in an “introductory” level with single container setups. Next step is to have a tutorial on how to orchestrate slightly more difficult setups with multiple containers.

The podman documentation is quite lacking on the specific mechanics of the systemd generator, especially for pods and larger setups. The work from this article could feed back into that documentation.

A major concern for this article is to address peoples uneasiness with the whole podman + systemd generator usage for a majority coming from docker-compose yaml files. “Demystification” of this process should help in getting more users on board.


What is podman and what are pods
Compose a live pod setup
Generate and manage systemd files for portability
How the generator / generated unit files work
Extra: convert compose yaml files

I’d like to highlight the ways to come up with a complex setup on podman by either manual effort or using tools to convert compose yaml files.

Next not only is it interesting how to generate more complex systemd unit file setups but also how the generator works to understand how to modify generated files to personal needs.

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