#33 Install Kubernetes with CRI-O
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The purpose of this article would be to describe How to
install kubernetes on FEDORA using CRI-O as a default container
management engine.
The flow of the article would be as follows:

What is CRI-O?
Getting started with CRI-O (with example)
Installing CRI-O
Installing Kubernetes using CRI-O


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Comments from Taiga #234

Stephen Snow 03 Feb 2021 05:10
Hello *ashutoshbhakare ,
How are you coming along with this article? Can we anticipate a time?

Paul W. Frields 16 Dec 2020 05:15
One thing I would recommend with this article: Let's not cover CentOS 8, for two reasons: (1) this is the Fedora Magazine, not the CentOS Magazine. (2) With the recent announcements about CentOS 8, it would be preferable for us not to invite trolling in comments about CentOS.

Ashutosh Sudhakar Bhakare 01 Dec 2020 08:23
*jakfrost Thanks for understanding, will try my best to complete soon

Stephen Snow 30 Nov 2020 06:39
Hello *ashutoshbhakare ,

That's a great idea! Take all the time you need to rewrite. If you can't make it for this Wednesday, don't fret over it. Just move the card to review when you're ready.

Ashutosh Sudhakar Bhakare 30 Nov 2020 06:10
Hello All, Considering all the aspects and suggestions, I am going to rewrite this article on Fedora 33 with SElinux enabled ;) Pls allow me time till Wednesday . Thanks in Advance

Stephen Snow 26 Nov 2020 09:16

sorry for any confusion for my part. We have scheduled posts for Monday and Wednesday of next week, this means you have more time to make your changes to have it ready for review next Wednesday. I'm sure once those small changes are done we will be ready to edit then publish it. Let me know here if you want me to look it over before then.

Ashutosh Sudhakar Bhakare 26 Nov 2020 08:19
*jakfrost - Hello, Will do till Monday, Some confusion was in the previous discussions. Thanks

Stephen Snow 23 Nov 2020 07:24

You haven't changed the article yet to reflect the changes I requested. I am moving this back to in progress until those changes are made. Once complete you may move the card back to in review with an updated preview link to the changed post. The editorial board will review it if it is ready this coming Wednesday. Thank you for your patience with this.

Ashutosh Sudhakar Bhakare 22 Nov 2020 20:40
*jakfrost Yes Noted :) Many Thanks

Stephen Snow 21 Nov 2020 10:32
Well, as I was saying with one of my comments here, this is a Fedora Magazine blog. As such the preference is to use Fedora, especially for howto's etc… In the future it would be best to make an effort to have more than a superficial tie-in to Fedora.

_Ashutosh Sudhakar Bhakare 20 Nov 2020 21:46
Edited:20 Nov 2020 21:47-View historic

*jakfrost Yes will make sure, going forward will use Release 8 for any type of article idea. Thanks for Update :)

Stephen Snow 20 Nov 2020 07:55

This article is scheduled to be published on Monday November 23. How are the changes coming (ie using CentOS v 8 and SELinux=enforcing?

Stephen Snow 19 Nov 2020 06:26

Definitely the Fedora Magazine likes to see content relevant to Fedora specific. Though this is not always possible with some topics, it is possible to use crio on Fedora editions. Having said all of that, it is generally easy to use the same techniques (mostly) on CentOS as used on Fedora for achieving the desired results. If you wish to base the article on CentOS, please do use release 8 since it is the latest and EOL is 2029. The SELinux enabled approach is certainly the only way to proceed, we don't want to present information that potentially can compromise someone's system simply by trying your howto.

Ashutosh Sudhakar Bhakare 18 Nov 2020 22:49
*jakfrost - Will take care of selinux with enabled state. I can write it for CENTOS8 as well, do you want me to stick to fedora only ?

Stephen Snow 18 Nov 2020 07:31
Hello Ashutosh,

I have a couple of recommendations I would like to see with this article. First is SELinux, there is no apparent reason to disable or set SELinux to permissive, and pointedly in Fedora it is considered taboo. Second, the article is using CentOS 7 for running Kubernetes on which is pretty old. Also, with Kubernetes, setting up ther master is the first of what 4 or 5 steps in the process. Finally, what is the Fedora tie in?

Ashutosh Sudhakar Bhakare 16 Nov 2020 19:49
*jakfrost - Thanks for update :)

Stephen Snow 16 Nov 2020 06:28

Thank you for completing the article. This Wednesday is the next editorial board meeting and it will be reviewed then. If the editors find it needs some more work they may place it back into in progress with a comment/comments about what they think it needs. If it is complete but merely needs some editing, then it will be assigned an editor and elevated to the status of editing. At which point the chosen editor may or may not contact you about minor changes. Thank you for your patience.

Ashutosh Sudhakar Bhakare 12 Nov 2020 00:53
Hello All, My article is ready for review, It would be great if you can check and let me know if any correction or changes required. https://fedoramagazine.org/?p=31934&preview=true&preview_id=31934 Thanks Ashutosh

Ashutosh Sudhakar Bhakare 07 Nov 2020 21:51
*jakfrost Due to some personal issues i was not able to update on this. Will complete it till 12-Nov for sure. Thanks

Ashutosh Sudhakar Bhakare 07 Nov 2020 21:12
*stickster Sorry i was not able to update, i am planning to complete this article till 12-Nov. Hope this is ok ? Please accept my apologies for late replies

Stephen Snow 21 Oct 2020 07:38

Paul W. Frields 21 Oct 2020 05:18
*jakfrost I recommend this go back to the Article Spec status, since no contact back to this point.

Stephen Snow 19 Oct 2020 06:55
*ashutoshbhakare ,

I was wondering if you have made any progress on this? It is an interesting topic.

Paul W. Frields 30 Sep 2020 05:21
*ashutoshbhakare Are you planning to work on this article? Please let us know, thanks. If you can't get to this in the next week, we should consider moving this back to Article Spec status.

This is an awesome pitch. I look forward to reading the article.

Metadata Update from @rlengland:
- Custom field preview-link adjusted to https://fedoramagazine.org/?p=31934&preview=true

8 months ago

@ashutoshbhakare I notice that there is now an article in WorkPress at https://fedoramagazine.org/?p=31934&preview=true and it appears you have been doing some work on it.

Another author has expressed interest in working on a similar article. If you are still planning on this article being published I will let them know you are still working on it. They indicate that they have other idea.

Please let us know your status and plans. If/when you have the article ready for review, please let us know by leaving a note here on this card indicating that status.


@rlengland Hello Richard, Yes i was planing to write the same. And after k8s is launched with the latest 1.24 version it looks like easy to write the same in details. If you can allow me 2 weeks of time max , i can complete the same .

Thanks for the quick response. That sounds great. We'll be looking forward to your article.

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