#237 Interview with Wim Taymans in conjuction with PipeWire 1.0 release
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We did an interview with Wim Taymans two years ago when PipeWire was included in Fedora 34. Now that we are heading to 1.0 it would be a good time to follow up with Wim and talk about what happened since and where we are going next.

Article Description:
Questions and answers with Wim Taymans about PipeWire, Fedora and Audio and video in general. To be scheduled to match the PipeWire 1.0 releas.e


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5 months ago

Ok, will upload first draft this weekend. We want to coordinate release of this interview with the actual PIpeWire 1.0 release. So how would we do that? get it through review and then set an agreed upon publication date?

I first draft of article uploaded to wordpress, let me know if I did something wrong.

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4 months ago

Sorry @uraeus for not responding to your question about coordinating the release. The answer is yes. I will do a review/edit on your article and let you know of any changes or observations. We can then set the publication date appropriately.

We can simple hold it until you notify us of the correct date. Note that we try to publish on Mon, Wed, and Fri so if you can fit that into the release date that would be good. That being said, we are not locked firmly into that if it isn't possible.

As much lead time as possible would also be nice since we may have other articles in the pipeline and that would allow us to avoid conflicts.

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4 months ago

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4 months ago

@uraeus I've done a small bit of editing on your article. This was mostly some minor changes on punctuation and breaking up some rather long sentences.

I've also added a feature image. If you prefer something else let us know.

Please take the time to proof the article. I don't believe I've made any modifications that will change the details or tone of the discussion.

Let us know when you are ready for this to be published. In the mean time it will remain on hold.

Thanks for your contribution.

Thank you for the editing. So if we could schedule this for publication on the 27th in the morning EST, that would be great.

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4 months ago

@uraeus 27 Nov is fine. Monday is one of our normal publication days. The normal publication time is 0800 UTC which is 0300 EST. So we can plan on that if that time works for you.

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4 months ago

ok, that works for me. Thank you again.

Hi, thanks for getting it up, someone told me though that the link to the Helvum patchbay is wrong, the corrrect link should be 'https://flathub.org/cs/apps/org.pipewire.Helvum' . Can someone please update that?

@uraeus Correction made. Thank you.

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4 months ago

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