#211 How to run Fedora RISC-V with virt-manager
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Article Summary:
It’s not an officially supported platform but Fedora riscv64 is in active development, so let’s have a look. Where to get and how to run Fedora riscv64 in virt-manager and what to expect.

Article Description:
First/Early look at unreleased Fedora RISC-V Workstation.


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3 months ago

@icesvz do you, by any chance, have a status update on this article?


work in progress, a not-ready-yet article added as https://fedoramagazine.org/wp-admin/post.php?post=38718&action=edit

i have some questions:

how to add a cover image? i want to use this one but i cant find how to use this as a cover image for article https://fedoramagazine.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/08/23-Screenshot_2023-08-18_16-13-44.png

is it ok to use images like this one from Red Hat presentation?

The editors can add the feature image for you but there are instructions here for handling the image. I note, however, that the normal size for the images is 1890 x 800 pixes and yours comes in at 1890 × 633 pixels when I scaled it up. I'm not sure about using something out of size.

I'm also not certain about the use of the images since we can only use images with CC0, CC-BY, or CC-BY-SA licenses. (Commercial and derivative uses must be permissible.) CC refers to Creative Commons

I'm going to ask for @glb weigh in on the appropriateness for the images.

We really shouldn't include logos on the cover images. It implies that the owners are "sponsoring" or have approved the article. They may well have sponsored that Red Hat event. But I'm quite sure they haven't given their approval for your article or contributed to it in any way. (Well, except for Fedora by way of us. But we still don't like to include the Fedora logo on the cover images. It is redundant/repetitive since the Fedora logo is already displayed in the Fedora Magazine banner.)

@icesvz It has been a while since this article proposal. Have you had an opportunity to work on it?

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