#190 Setting a WAF with modsecurity for nginx
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Article Summary:

Showcase newly added nginx-mod-modsecurity package that is a connector for libmodsecurity (ModSecurity v3). modsecurity for httpd has been part of Fedora/RHEL since many years ago, so sould like to focus on nginx.

Article Description:
The proposal would be to briefly explain what a WAF does and how can help to secure webservers, introduce (lib)modsecurity and continue with installing nginx’s modsecurity conector nginx-mod-modsecurity.

The flow of the article could be:

  • What is a WAF?
  • What is modsecurity?
  • Configure libmodsecurity and nginx-mod-modsecurity
  • Create a custom rule to test the install
  • Extend with with new rules (pending on a proposal to mod_security_crs


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6 months ago

@mikelo2 do you have a status on your article?

Busy at work, will try to have it by mid June or end of June.

@mikelo2 any update on this article?

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