#181 Use rpmautospec and its new %autorelease and %autochangelog macros!
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Article Summary:

As part of https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/Rpmautospec_by_Default, I’d like to write an article that gives a short intro to what rpmautospec means for packagers and users.

The article would be directed at:

  • less-active maintainers who probably heard about rpmautospec, but have lingering doubts,
  • users who might wonder how it impacts them,
  • (very importantly) contributors from other rpm-based distros that don’t use rpmautospec, but could.

Article Description:


  • what is the purpose of Release and %changelog fields in rpms
  • how %autorelease and %autochangelog work
  • how do the “new” changelogs differ from “old” changelogs (i.e. not much)
  • what this means for packagers (less busywork and merge conflicts), for contributors to packaging (better pull-request workflow), and for users (no change).
  • example of a simple version upgrade and how the generated fields look
  • links to the Change page and other docs

The publishing of the article would be conditional on the changes to the packaging guidelines being merged, currently under review.

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11 months ago

The draft is ready for review.

When I click Preview, and do the preview inline (in an popup), it looks like I want it. But in the preview opened in a separate tab, it looks like shite, with all inline fixed-font snippets split out to separate paragraphs. I'm not sure if I'm doing some thing wrong or if the preview is busted, so I left it like that.

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11 months ago

The theme isn't designed for inline monospace fonts. The documentation recommends using italics instead: https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/fedora-magazine/writing-guidelines/#_markup

I can fix it as part of and editing pass.

Thanks for the contribution.

I can fix it as part of and editing pass.

Please do. I changed some of the markup, but I'm not sure if that's the appropriate way. The italic font is not very readable.

Also bold in code blocks is not rendered properly.

I just made a quick pass to tweak the styling. I used the recommended italic style for package, file, and command names. However, I used inline monospace when you were citing text from one of the code blocks.

Thanks! I noticed some "Release"s and "%changelog"s that were missing markup, and changed a few words.

I would welcome some comments on the "big picture": e.g. is the text clear enough?

Oh, I wonder if we should obscure the e-mail address. Something like <martin@…> would also be narrower and the layout would work better on a narrow screen.

I would welcome some comments on the "big picture": e.g. is the text clear enough?

I think the logical flow of the article (history → what's new → implications) is very good. What you are trying to convey seems very clear to me.

I have some quibbles about some of the phrasing. And I haven't done a careful read of the article for typos yet (but I did notice some like "... must be provided the packager" that I haven't corrected yet.

One quibble I have is the phrase "recommended default". A recommendation is something you are asking a user to choose. A default is a setting you have already chosen for the user. (Or more literally, "if the user fails (faults) in making a choice"). The phrase "recommended default" is somewhat contradictory and I don't think you mean to say you have changed any defaults in the rpm tooling.

I wonder if we should obscure the e-mail address.

I don't think that is necessary in this case because those git logs are known to be public and easily harvestable anyway. But that might be a good question for @bcotton. I think he wanted to review the article to see if it should really be a Fedora Magazine article anyway.

One quibble I have is the phrase "recommended default"

Indeed. I also noticed that the phrase "recommended default in F38" was repeated three times. I reworded the first one, removed the second one, and changed "recommended default" to "recommended approach" in the third.

@zbyszek : Did you see Ben's comments?: https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/t/article-proposal-rpmautospec/79813/7

Otherwise, if you think this is ready to go, I think we can run it.


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10 months ago

@glb, thank you for the cover image and publishing this.

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