#151 New in NetworkManager: nmcli offline mode
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Article Summary:

This article will explain NetworkManager’s new offline mode and how can it be useful, along with a quick introduction to how NetworkManager stores its connection profiles.

Article Description:

  • Explain how nmcli conn add works (dbus)
  • Explain why using nmcli is preferable to editing the config files directly (input validation)
  • Demo creating a connection profile with nmcli conn add
  • Demo creating a connection profile with nmcli’s new --offline parameter and highlight some cases where this new flag can be especially useful (kickstarts).


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@lkundrak Looks like you have a bit of work done already so I've added the Preview-link.

Let us know when you want us to review.

Is this ready for review/publishing?

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@lkundrak Have you finished this article to your satisfaction?

@lkundrak Can you let us know if you are finished writing this article, please? We can proceed with editing if you are ready for it to be published. If not we can move it to the "Stalled" category until you or someone else picks it up to complete it.

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