#138 Manage Containers in Fedora Linux with Podman Desktop
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Article Summary:
About the recent release of Podman Desktop for managing Linux containers, its features, and how to use it

Article Description:
Podman Desktop is a container management GUI like Docker Desktop, but based on Podman. It is written by the Containers organization on GitHub. This article will discuss the features of Podman Desktop, touch upon its platfom support, describe its install procedure on Fedora, and probably do a simple comparison between Podman Desktop and Docker Desktop.
I am really excited about this tool and have been waiting for it for a long time. That would make a good article on Fedora Magazine in my opinion, and I am interested to pen it down.


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4 months ago

The article is done. I have also created a cover image for the article. Posting the image for your review:


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4 months ago

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4 months ago

Thanks. I like the cover image a lot. Just a little suggestion: it could look better if the content was in the middle and not slightly at the top.

I'll have to review the article later.

Thank you. I made some adjustments. Hope it's fine.


Cover image looks great! :thumbsup:

Alright, here's my review:

Dockerer Desktop

What is that? Did you mean Docker or Podman?

I edited the article to fix typos and comply with Fedora Magazine's standards. Feel free to read it and let me know what you think!

Sorry, that part was a typo. Changed that to Podman Desktop. Thanks for spotting it.

Thanks! Do you think it's ready for publishing?

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3 months ago

Yes, I polished the article a bit and believe it is ready to be published.

Also I'm sending a pull request for the cover image.

You can set a cover image (featured image) directly from the right hand side of Wordpress:


Make sure the cover image is 1890x800 and exported as jpg.

Looks great! Do you think it's ready for publishing now?

Yes! It is ready for publishing.

@rlengland @glb this article is ready for publishing, when should we do it?

@theevilskeleton I would say that since I pushed out test day article yesterday you could schedule it for Monday or go with the plan and publish it now. Going out Monday would stretch out our currently limited number of articles. But it's your choice

It'd be better if the three of us can agree on when to schedule it. I would prefer publishing it Monday, since I don't want to publish too many articles in a short period of time.

Monday sounds good to me, @theevilskeleton Schedule it and I'll move mine to Wednesday.

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3 months ago

@powergame thanks for writing! I scheduled the article on September the 5th at 08:00 UTC. I'm closing this issue.

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