#120 Introduction to DIY Embroidery with Inkscape and Ink/Stitch
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Follow up article to Make More with Inkscape and Ink/Stitch with explicit steps for making an embroidered shirt. Initial draft is below:

Introduction to DIY Embroidery with Inkscape and Ink/Stitch

Embroidered shirts are great custom gifts and can also be a great way show your love for open source. This tutorial will demonstrate how to design your own custom embroidered polo shirt using Inkscape and Ink/Stitch. Polo shirts are often used for embroidery because they do not tear as easily as t-shirts when pierced by embroidery needles. This tutorial is a follow on article to Make More with Inkscape and Ink/Stitch and gives full steps to create your design. Install Inkscape and Ink/Stitch as explained in the tutorial, then open up Inkscape and create a new empty document.

First create a message to put on your polo shirt. Choose Extensions>Ink/Stitch>Lettering. Then choose a font, for example Geneva Simple Sans, add your text,

Another Awesome 
Fedora Linux User

Image of lettering creation dialogue box

Then click on Apply and Quit. A preview will appear, click on Quit. Your text should appear in your Inkscape document. Move it somewhere reasonable.

Image of resulting text in Inkscape document

We will now add a picture to our text. Pictures with only a few plain colors work well for embroidery. We will use a public domain black and white SVG image of Tux created by Ryan Lerch and Garret LeSage.

Black and white image of Tux

Download this public domain image, tux-bw.svg, to your computer, and import it into your document as an editable SVG image

Image of Tux with text to be embroidered

Click on the image of Tux to select it and then click on 'Object>Fill and Stroke', in the menu. Change the fill to No Paint so that the white interior of Tux disappears. This will leave the black area to be embroidered. The image will need to be converted to a format that can be
can be embroidered. Click on the image of Tux to select it again. Choose Extensions>Ink/Stitch>Fill Tools>Break Apart Fill Objects .... In the resulting pop up, choose the Complex Object then wait for the operation to complete. A preview image will appear,
click on Quit to close the preview. For further explanation of this operation, see the
Ink/Stitch documentation.

You now need to convert your file to an embroidery file. A very portable format is the
DST (Tajima Embroidery Format)
format, which unfortunately does not have color information, so you will need to indicate color information for the embroidery separately. Go to the File>Save As and then choose the DST file format. You can preview the DST file in Inkscape, but another very useful tool is

Install it on the command line using

pip install vpype

Then preview your DST file using

vpype eread AnotherAwesomeFedoraLinuxUser.dst show

Preview of design created by vypye-embroidery

Check the dimensions of your design, if you need to resize it, you should resize the design file before exporting it as a DST file. Resizing the DST file is not recommended since it contains
stitch placement information which should be adjusted to obtain a high quality embroidered result.

To indicate color information, it is helpful to create a mockup of a polo shirt, along with the approximate placement of your design on the polo shirt which you can then send to an embroidery company with your DST file.

Mockup image of polo shirt with design

Some companies that can do embroidery given a DST file include
- based in the USA
- based in Ghana
- based in Cyprus
- based in Kenya
- based in South Africa
search the internet for professional machine embroidery services close to you or a hacker space with an embroidery machine you can use.


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Hi Benson,
It looks like you are well on your way to creating your article. You will need to create it using WordPress since that is where the Fedora Magazine resides . You can get started by going to the the Fedora Magazine WordPress instance and selecting the "+ New > Post" pull down in the top menu bar.

There are writing guidelines available as well as the editors who are available to lend a hand with any questions or issues that might arise. Just leave a message on this card and we will respond.

When you have the article in WordPress and it is ready for review, leave a note on the card containing a WordPress preview link and we'll take a look at it.


Hi Richard,

Thanks. Will upload a revised version to Wordpress, though it may take
another week or so.


That sounds good,Benson. Let us know when you have it ready.

And thanks, again.

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Hi Benson ( @fed500 )
Your article looks pretty good. I did a quick pass on it and wondered if you have links to include for companies that can embroider for you or do you want to skip those lines where the links look like they would go in the "Further Information" section?

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Benson ( @fed500 )
FYI I'm going to start serious editing on this article and I will plan on removing the lines below from the "Further Information" section unless you have links to include for them.

Some companies that can do embroidery given a DST file include
- based in the USA
- based in Ghana
- based in Cyprus
- based in Kenya
- based in South Africa

The plan is to try to publish your article on 27 June.

@rlengland Hi Richard, Will add some of those links. Am getting another shirt made and will update the article a little tomorrow. Can you edit on 24 June? Reducing the size of the text on the first shirt was not so good.

Waiting until 24 June shouldn't be a problem.

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@rlengland Done with updates. Please finalize editing. Thanks for your patience.

Thank you, @fed500

I've finished the editing and I would like you to look it over as a final pass.

Most of the changes were simplification of wording. For example, I made some changes to the steps to eliminate repetition of "then" and "next". It's easy to fall into that usage. I know from experience.

In the "Resize Document" section you mention selecting text. Since there was no text included with the Tux image, I changed it to read "select Tux, hold down the shift key, and also select any text area." Feel free to change that if you wish.

In the section describing the back of the shirt, it says "Choose a font, for example Geneva Simple Sans created in Geneva." I wasn't certain about the "created in Geneva" portion. Does this need clarification or simplification?

In the "Further Information" section you mentioned "flat" colors. I assume your intent was "single" colors as you mentioned earlier. I took the liberty of doing some minor edits there so please make certain I haven't changed your intent.

Over all the article looks pretty good.Let me know if you need any information or help on anything.

Thanks for all your effort.

Thanks for the edits. Seems good. The link for Geneva is to a website
with information about the font, updated this to "created by Daniel
K.Schnedier in Geneva". Made one further change, there was a section
with Inkstitch which I changed to Ink/Stitch.

That's good. I've scheduled publication for 29 June (this Wednesday) 08:00 UTC

Thanks, again, for all your effort.

@fed500 You should be able to update your photos now. Let me know when you are finished.

Thanks, Benson. Those look good. Schedule is in place for 29 June 0800 UTC

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