#114 Article on migrating NetworkManager profiles from ifcfg to keyfile in Fedora Linux 36
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f36 is going to deprecate configuring networking with ifcfg files and we'd like to help users understand the change and modernize their systems.

I've written a draft of an article that aims to do just that:

I'm wondering if such content is appropriate for Fedora Magazine. If it is, I'd be super thankful if someone that can actually write could turn it into something that's less of an embarassment :)

Thank you!

+1 from me. And, FWIW, your draft looks above-average to me. (Except for "Now that your system got no ifcfg files ..." of course. You're not fooling me -- only someone who knows what they are doing could manage that! 😛)

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By the way, @lkundrak the standard work flow is to propose the article on the Fedora Magazine Discussion site and the editors open the Pagure issues when the topic is propose.

This is not a big deal, but I thought you should know the expected Magazine work flow.

Thanks for your work on the article. I'll give it a review and we'll work toward publication.

Hi, @lkundrak
I've added a feature image to your article and I believe it is ready to go. I have one question. Do you intend this to be an "alert" that things are changing in Fedora 36? Should we publish this before 36 is released or wait until after?

If we can release before then this is ready and can be published this Friday, 29 April.

Give this a last read through, if you like, and correct/add anything you feel is necessary then let me know about publishing.

Thanks for your contribution to the Fedora Magazine.

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Working on the assumption that this is intended to be an "alert" that things are changing in Fedora 36 I've scheduled this for publication for 2022/04/28

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