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Guix is a package manager and free software distribution that follows the FSDG. We'd like to transition from the Translation Project to weblate. Our official repo is not really suitable for weblate though: our pot files are generated only when we update the translations, currently before each release. Additionally, all commits need to be signed by an authorized key, which I think weblate cannot do.

I've set up a separate repository that contains all the translations we have in Guix (the website, documentation, cookbook, package descriptions, and guix itself) that I can easily update. Eventually, I'll migrate it to a new repository in savannah, but for now it's under my profile on framagit: https://framagit.org/tyreunom/guix-translations

Thanks in advance!

guix is really welcome :):):)

signing is possible with weblate: https://docsweblateorg/en/latest/admin/optionalshtml?highlight=3Dsigning#signing-git-commits-with-gnupg

if you update pot once in a while isn't an issue Why would you think it could be one?

There is no pull requests support for savannah It means weblate will have to be added with its ssh key to allow direct commit That's the only reason i seethat may leading you to have a dedicated repo

would you mind creating a savannah git repository dedicated to translations?
it will make it easier for contributors to find out where to contribute

I made it unclear: the repo does not have pot files, we only generate them when we build a tarball for the TP. OK, so signing is possible, but that's probably not useful if we use a separate repo anyway :)

I see that using my personal repo is an issue, so I'll create a repo on savannah and get back to you.

Thanks for the quick answer!

as we worked on this last Sunday, I think it's done :)
Welcome in the community :)


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