#33 New translation project for rpminspect
Closed 9 months ago by darknao. Opened a year ago by dcantrell.

I am the upstream author and package owner for rpminspect. It lives at https://github.com/rpminspect/rpminspect

I have set things up for translation in the software, but I would like to add the project to Weblate so that translator can contribute strings. I tried to add a project through the web interface, but it said I did not have permission.

Project created:

I've added you as an admin.
Let me know if you need help setting this up.

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11 months ago

dcanntrell, do you need some more help from us? If not, please note that this issue will be closed in approx. two weeks time.

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10 months ago

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10 months ago

Sorry, accidentally closed by my mistake.

The only thing that I need some assistance with is getting the template data loaded in to https://translate.fedoraproject.org/projects/rpminspect/ and then finding translators (if that's something I need to do). I have not been able to make sense of the UI or instructions.

Hey @dcantrell, I checked your project, and there is a couple of things that need to be set up:

First, if you want Weblate to push translations to your repository, you must give commit access to the weblate user (https://github.com/weblate).

In the meantime, I've set it up so it creates pull-request instead.

The second thing is configuring a webhook on your repository so Weblate gets notified every time there is an update in your repo.

The webhook URL is: https://translate.fedoraproject.org/hooks/github/

After that, you can, if you want, ask for translators on the following mailing list : https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/trans@lists.fedoraproject.org/

Let us know if you need anything else.

Closing as completed. Feel free to reopen if you need anything else.

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9 months ago

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