#32 New weblate project for dnf5
Closed 9 months ago by darknao. Opened a year ago by mblaha.

dnf5 became part of F38 and we would like to start using weblate to allow community to contribute to translations.
Can you please create a new project there and add me (mblaha) as an admin?
The new project should be synchronized with repo https://github.com/rpm-software-management/dnf5-l10n, which is currently empty. I'd like to discuss the structure of files in the repo first, as far as it will need to cover multiple *.pot files and in the future also multiple branches of dnf5.
Thank you.

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a year ago

mblaha, can you please provide some information about the status of this request?

We are waiting for your proposal/questions.

Thanks for creating the project! I will now prepare the git repo with *.pot files and try to configure the new project to properly use it.

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9 months ago

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