#31 Changing language code from 'om' to 'orm' for Afaan Oromo Language
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I found that before ISO 639-3, the language code for Afaan Oromo language was 'om' (based on ISO 639-1) but since ISO 639-2 the language code has changed to 'orm'.

Therefore, since we are trying to start a translation for this language I think it's better to change to the updated one.
Thank you.


Hi, language code handling is really complex, I advice to not change it in Fedora Weblate, first discuss with upstream.

Both ISO codes are valid, depending on the context, tools will decide to use one standard or the other.

To my knowledge: the most used standard is ISO_639-2 in Linux ecosystem, and by exception we might use ISO_639-3.
We can confirm this in Fedora 36 languages: https://languages.fedoraproject.org/f36/language/ I can see "om" and I can't see "orm".

also, CLDR consider ORM to be replaced for om: https://github.com/unicode-org/cldr-json/blob/f27f55f1dd487af7cf4260f56296ee1c7649b7fc/cldr-json/cldr-core/supplemental/aliases.json#L1230

I think it is safe to say here everything is fine.
what to you think?

Yes, I expected this change doesn't have to be trivial. That's why I asked for a separate issue.

Maybe, the i18n could be consulted on their view? And if they can help with upstream contacts?

@jibecfed @peartown Thank you both for your suggestions 🙏

I am not giving much attention to this actually, we truly wanted to participate in translating to this language which btw spoken in different countries of East Africa. But my fear is if 'orm' is the latest language code with recent standards (starting from ISO_639-2) it just makes sense to start a translation with the updated one and it will affect the community we are trying to translate for too, like no one have no idea about the language code for Afaan Oromo so it's like introducing that too, and I think instead of confusing changing back and forth for the future setting it with the latest standard is way better since everything starting from 0.

Technically if this 'om'/'orm' think won't affect smooth transition for the future, I have no problem with it, as I stated above we are so excited to participate on translation and make it available to our community.

But my fear is...confusing changing back and forth...if this 'om'/'orm' thing won't affect smooth transition...

Ok, what do you want? Do you want this issue to stay open? I think jibecfed is right, there is no point to use the new code just in our translation platform. There's a need to prepare/coordinate things in other places, too. And, IMHO, it will take some time.

If you want to use this ticket for further reference, it may be left open.

Ok, what do you want? Do you want this issue to stay open?

As I mentioned above, if using either of the language codes doesn't affect anything, no problem at all we can close this issue. My point was since we haven't started the translation yet, we have a chance to you the latest language code, jibecfed has mentioned that ISO_639-2 is the most used standard in the Linux ecosystem, and 'Orm' is specified on this standard.

In general, we can close this issue since it is a complex process to change the language code.

well, please feel free to open a new discussion with i18n team of you can't start Linux using your language

I think you may want to start with those two projects to have your language used

and then, most probably, creating a new team in Gnome https://l10n.gnome.org/teams/

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