#29 Add libuser to weblate
Closed a year ago by jibecfed. Opened a year ago by thalman.


I got request to provide some information about libuser so it can be included into weblate. I provided those information probably too late.

But since then, nothing happens. Can you help me to move this issue forward?

See https://pagure.io/libuser/issue/43 for details


Hi Tom, I can help you with that but I can see there is one requirement that your project doesn't fulfill for integration on the new translation platform: I can't find any pot file in your project.
The pot file is required as a starting point for new translations and should to be updated by you with new strings as needed.
Weblate will then propagate the changes to all translation po files.

Please let me know when the pot file is available, and I will set you up on Weblate.

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a year ago

Hi, Thanks for your help. The pot file is now back in git. se po/libuser.pot.

@thalman : project were created, there is a token issue inside weblate, but I reached support, it will soon be fixed

Expect the first commit to be big

please add the hook configuration so that everything is done: https://docs.weblate.org/en/weblate-4.15.2/admin/continuous.html#pagure-setup

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a year ago

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