#25 Translation of revamp resources
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Hey translation team,

As the outreach team is closing in with the final deliverable, we would like to have the translators assistance with translating the artifacts.

The following is what we are looking out for:
1. Translation of https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/commops/latest/ to 7 odd key languages
2. Coordination between multiple translators and language coordinator
3. Add the pages to Weblate if need be

We are going to open a email and discourse to discuss at length.

Hi sumantrom,

could you please provide an info regarding the status of the revamp, particularly in terms of your request?

It seems that the pages are now normally processed through weblate, therefore available to translators for translation.

I am very sorry for my lack of understanding, but what did you mean by '7 odd key languages'?
Can we expect an email from you and/or a link to discussion thread?

I am very sorry once more we haven't comment earlier. Do you think this request is still relevant to deal with?

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I'm closing this for missing confirmation of current relevance by the issue author.
Feel free to reopen if it's still relevant.

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a year ago

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