#24 A Mindshare quaterly report - yes or not
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Coming back to reicatnor's invitation to add to MIndshare Quaterly Report, we have about a month to prepare something for the next QR. Of course, if we want do so.

I have to admit, I haven't got any exact idea how to approach this.

We probably have 3 sources of statistical data concerning translations:
-- "global" translation statistics related to whole Fedora (all fedora packages) - https://languages.fedoraproject.org
-- "docs" translation statistics of the Fedora Documentation (docs.fedoraproject.org) - https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/docs-l10n/
-- and weblate's statistics - https://translate.fedoraproject.org

I'm afraid I'm not knowledgeable enough about any of these tools/applications to tell which and how they can be reused/utilized for the QR purpose. Can anybody else shed some light in this respect?

QR has 3 months time span. It seems to me that global stats concerns individual releases, which are bi-annual, for example. Moreover, global stats uses upstream translations. Docs stats are dealing, on the other hand, only with docs site. Don't take me wrong, I am not saying global or docs stats couldn't be used. So, this is a question of a source/backend...

Other question is what to report.

We could make, perhaps, a pool of 7-9 data up? Something what would soundly represent what happened rather new or noticeable as the translation work progress (or in our team?) during last 3 months. Then we could use only two three of these for the respective QR.

I was thinking of something like:

  • No of new translators
  • No of active translators
    (Even No of inactive translators - this could also indicate if the team is shrinking or growing)
  • No of translators who translated more than ... | compared to the previous 3 months
  • New language added
  • No of inactive languages
  • Avg No of words|messages translated by 1 translator
    • by lang
    • in each month
    • compared to the previous 3 months?
  • % progress of translation in ... lang (3 langs with the highest % progress?) | compared to the previous 3 montsh
  • ...

Any other idea/proposal about an indicator/data to track is welcome. (I wish I did have more statistical skills. ;) )

1. There is a question to discuss and decide what we want to/could report.
2. There is a question of finding and processing the source of the data/information.

And last but not least, do we feel we have enough (human) resources to such regular commitment to deal with the preparation of our team's input to the Mindshare Quarterly Report?

What do you think? Any comment, idea, a will to help?

It seems there are no more Mindshare quarterly reports produced, so this can be closed - for the time being.

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