#15 No activity recorded for my translation work
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Hi, there. I'm working on translation for Bahasa Indonesia. I've just started with Fedora Join and Fedora Install Guide.

Sometimes I can see my activity on translation was recorded on my profile activities, in this link https://pagure.io/user/armanwu . But sometimes I cannot see that, just like today, I've did some translation on https://translate.fedoraproject.org/languages/id/fedora-docs-l10n-fedora-join/ . But there's no record on my profile activity. It happened too a few days ago.

But if I do another activities (e.g: give comment on an issue), it was recorded immediately. How should it be? Just worried if I did it wrong :)

Hello, welcome :)

weblate does auto commit changes, either when triggered manually, triggered by an event (when component reach 100% in the language) or triggered by a schedule task.

I suppose you can't trigger it manually without admin rights.
I suppose you did some translation but did not finish any component.
Then it means once the next timer event will trigger a commit.
As far as I remember, it is every three days.

you work is not lost, it will come :)


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Thanks for your reply, @jibecfed .. well noted..

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