#1 Adding debbuild to be translated on Fedora Weblate
Closed 4 years ago by jibecfed. Opened 4 years ago by ngompa.

Project: debbuild
Website: https://github.com/debbuild/debbuild
Repository: https://github.com/debbuild/debbuild
Filemask: po/*
Username: ngompa

debbuild is a program that lets you build Debian packages (debs) using RPM spec files as inputs. Done with a modicum of care, an RH/Fedora-ish source package can be used to build packages for Debian/Ubuntu.

The previous project owner made debbuild capable of being translated, but did not set up automatic translation management of any kind. I'd like to have translations for debbuild, and I'd like to manage them through Weblate.

I am the current project owner and main developer/maintainer. I previously was a significant contributor. I'm also a major user of debbuild across a variety of projects.


done: https://translate.fedoraproject.org/projects/debbuild/
you can add a widget your your readme: https://translate.fedoraproject.org/widgets/debbuild/

weblate will open PR and squash contribution commits per author
weblate will update po files each times you change the pot file

ngompa is admin
welcome on board

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4 years ago

Thanks for setting that up!

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