#85 Explain why Fedora is the best choice for KDE
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Fedora is going to sponsor the Akademy KDE conference for 2021, see

For this it would be great to have content ready that explains why Fedora is the best choice for people who would like to use KDE.

https://fedoralovespython.org/ can be an inspiration how the Python team is doing it. since the conference starts already at 18 June, this might be too much to achieve, though.

Therefore updating the wiki might be a good first step, some ideas for reasons to use Fedora

  • Provides the latest and shiniest KDE packages
  • Allow to easily try it with a live medium
  • ... your reasons here

@appadeia, @carlschwan: Do you think we could come up with a splash site?

I could do a simple splash site with a similar style to the website I'm creating for kinoite, but I would need a bit of help with content and assets.

Ticket filed with Fedora Infrastructure for fedoraloveskde.org domain: https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issue/10011

@carlschwan, @appadeia: We now have fedoraloveskde.org :tada:

FWIW my reasons for using and loving Fedora (so far, I'm pretty new) are:

  • High-quality packaging
  • High-quality package management system that works well with PackageKit and therefore Discover
  • Rapid adoption of new technologies matches the fast pace of change and improvement in KDE itself
  • Well-chosen default settings and pre-installed packages
  • Responsive and friendly developers

made some quick website reusing some stuff I worked on for the kinoite website.

Demo: https://api.carlschwan.eu/

Repo: https://invent.kde.org/carlschwan/fedoraloveskde-org

I'm not in love with the all-white background, maybe sections like on https://getfedora.org/ ?


Now that the website is live, is there anything left to do for this task, or can it be closed?

For us, we're done, but @riecatnor should probably make sure our sponsor information includes a link to that website now.

Hi folks. I just emailed the organizers requesting they add the following to our sponsor description:

The KDE Special Interest Group (SIG) is a group of Fedora contributors that maintain popular KDE packages, take care of KDE-related documentation, artwork and other KDE specific tasks. Learn more at https://fedoraloveskde.org/

Sounds great! I think from this point on, we can consider the KDE SIG side of things done. Thanks everyone!

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Last note, folk are welcome to join us for the Fedora office hours at Akademy (hosted by myself and @ngompa).


Thursday June 24th at 12:00-13:00 UTC

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