#61 Re-enable fast user switching
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We had to disable this for Fedora 34 GA. Since then, Fedora 34 has been released, so I think we should now look into exactly what needs to happen for us to re-enable it. Because, as far as I know, it currently remains disabled.

Here is the RH bugzilla report, and here is the SDDM github report. Despite the SDDM report remaining open, there is this comment on the KDE bugzilla that seems to indicate that a particular fix works? But that link seems to refer to commits that don't actually exist? I'm mainly just trying to make sense of the current state of affairs here, extra info would be appreciated, because I'm probably missing a lot.

I think considering this now is premature.

Only when we're able to rebase to latest sddm and test that it works again...

According to @marcdeop, it is. However, we're not going to enable it until after F38 GA so that we don't make @adamwill cry from unexpected necessary extra testing.

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6 months ago

We still have some users encountering issues when logging out. Check here for example.

Isn't that a bit of a separate issue? I can reproduce it when I log out as myself, log back in, and then log out a second time. In other words, the second login doesn't seem to require a different user account, at least for me.

I believe we might (at least I) be confusing the meaning of user switching.

Truth be told, what I think happened is that some users were experiencing issues when logging out and, coincidentally, this was noticed by the users who have systems with multi users. (I'd say most one user system don't ever log out, essentially they reboot).

Then Fedora went ahead and added here the following:

# HOW: https://develop.kde.org/deploy/kiosk/introduction/
# WHY: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1929643
[KDE Action Restrictions]

Which disables everything multiuser, not only switching (which kind of makes sense because... why would you enable switching when starting a new session through sddm is not possible?).

In all my testings, starting new sessions and switching between users has always worked reliably. We only have issues if anybody logs out. (I am the happy camper who doesn't has this issue :shrug:).

Anyway.... just to clarify. We are talking here about removing these lines:

[KDE Action Restrictions]


Are we confident that we won't be getting many reports with users not being able to log-out?

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