#375 Include ffmpeg-free, intel-media-driver & libva-intel-driver in base image to support hardware acceleration on firefox
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Hardware acceleration by default doesn't work in Firefox. Those intel drivers are needed.
requested packages:
ffmpeg-free, intel-media-driver, libva-intel-driver

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We should put all of these in the multimedia group in comps.xml.

Not sure if Kinoite and Silverblue intend to make this change together, but it seems the Silverblue folks have decided to move from Firefox in the base image to Firefox in a Flatpak.

If Kinoite has already decided to roll with Firefox in the base image rather than move to a Flatpak this change makes sense, but I think users might assume Silverblue and Kinoite to have similar decisions here.

(Personally I'm for keeping it in the base image as it's curraently an unreasonable pain to get plasma-browser-integration working with the Flatpak versions, but I figured I'd bring it up).

I don't personally want to see Firefox removed from the base image. The base environment needs to be fully functional regardless of anything the user does.

There is a vague agreement that this would be beneficial but this requires work to make happen. See:
- https://github.com/fedora-silverblue/issue-tracker/issues/288
- https://gitlab.com/fedora/sigs/flatpak/fedora-flatpaks/-/issues/13

Until this happens, we should make the built-in Firefox experience as good as we can.

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