#272 Move all KDE SIG repos to GitLab.com/fedora
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I think we should consider moving repos from https://pagure.io/projects/fedora-kde/%2A to a KDE-SIG group in https://gitlab.com/fedora.

This would also mean that I could move the Kinoite site & docs and enable some CI on them.
We also don't have to do everything at once and I can start with the Kinoite stuff.

I'm not personally in favor of moving to GitLab.com. I don't like relying on a proprietary platform for Fedora stuff and GitLab continues to put the squeeze on people on GitLab.com.

Relying on a proprietary third-party service is a completely NO-GO for me. If Fedora want to shut Pagure down, they should provide a self-hosted alternative (self-hosted on Fedora infra GitLab CE for example).

@siosm you can do CI on Pagure, I do this with multiple projects and it works fine. https://www.happyassassin.net/posts/2020/02/12/using-zuul-ci-with-pagure-io/ is still more or less how it works.

Yeah, I'm not a fan of moving to a system that isn't controlled by Fedora or fully open-source. I believe gitlab.com runs the Enterprise Edition which isn't fully open source as opposed to the Community Edition which people can self-host and is open source.

Are there infrastructure resources (people/community members and hardware) to run a self hosted GitLab? Should there be multiple Git repositories, perhaps run by different teams based on their requirements? In addition to GitLab, other alternatives such as Gitea, cgit, Gerrit and Sourcehut maybe reasonable for some teams. Any ideas what resources are needed for Launchpad why it continues to be developed and what they did differently compared to Pagure?

@adamwill Unfortunately Zuul is yet another CI system that comes with its own config format.

Closing this one as this is not the place to discuss how Fedora decides which infra to use, only if we want to use what is provided to us.

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8 months ago

Note that I'm already working on moving Silverblue/Kinoite development to GitLab.com/fedora to get CI working: https://github.com/fedora-silverblue/issue-tracker/issues/334

Any ideas what resources are needed for Launchpad why it continues to be developed and what they did differently compared to Pagure?

@fed500, Launchpad is developed because it's tightly integrated into the Ubuntu development process. It integrates a bug tracker, package build system, source control, image builds, etc. under one system. It's irreplaceable. It's very custom for their needs.

Pagure is pretty much community developed, as opposed to corporate developed. And Fedora's proclivity toward chains of applications rather than large monoliths makes stuff like Launchpad very unlikely. The project is not dead, but activity is made up by the contributors working on it.

I would also point out that most of Fedora's applications don't see much love because our infrastructure projects don't really get a lot of love or promotion to the community. Pagure has been the most successful so far, because it gets external contributors and has non-Fedora deployments.

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