#264 Plasma 5.26.0 for F36
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Plasma 5.26.0 for F36

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2 years ago

I'm just an user, but I have a doubt concerning this update. I see Plasma 5.26 is going to be pushed to updates repository for Fedora 36 while Fedora 37 keeps 5.25 because of its freeze status. That could mean that eventually users who have f36 installed and want to upgrade to f37 will need to downgrade Plasma to 5.25.5 again for that reason during a period of time, until 5.26 arrives to f37. I honestly think this isn't the right thing to do.

We should have it in updates-testing for both and only push it once we can push it to stable in F37.

thanks @carlis for the comment.

Thanks to @xvitaly comments on the chat, as well as yours and Neals, I will be preparing upgrade for F37 :-)

( Plasma 5.26.1 is to be released soon so that one will be used as well)

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a year ago

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