#159 Incorrect value for $HOME for first user on Kinoite
Opened 2 years ago by siosm. Modified 9 months ago

See https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/t/the-home-directory/35482:

On Fedora Silverblue, the value of the $HOME variable is /var/home/mysuer.
On Fedora Kinoite it is the classic /home/myuser. But only for the user created during the installation process.
Indeed, if I create a new user, its home will be /var/home/newuser

$ cat /etc/passwd

Not a big problem, /home is a symlink to /var/home, but it is a discrepancy.

Metadata Update from @siosm:
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2 years ago

Metadata Update from @siosm:
- Issue tagged with: kinoite

2 years ago

This is likely due to initial setup not setting up the user correctly.

Correction: Not initial-setup, but Anaconda

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