#138 Active screen follows mouse doesn't work in F35 Kinoite for apps not using Qt
Opened 2 years ago by zlopez. Modified 2 years ago

I was confused why the apps are starting on left most monitor most of the time, then I found out that the Window Mangement -> Window Behavior -> Focus -> Active screen follows mouse is ignored by some of them.

This is an issue with multi monitor setup, especially when you can't set Primary monitor in Wayland session.

How to reproduce:
1) Use wayland session on multi-monitor setup
2) Move mouse to other monitor then left most
3) Try to run any non-Qt application (tested with gEdit flatpak)

Expected behaviour:
Application starts on the monitor where the mouse is

Actual behaviour:
The application starts on left most monitor

KDE version: 5.22.5

Metadata Update from @ngompa:
- Issue tagged with: experience, kinoite

2 years ago

The functionality works fine in X11 as well as setting of primary monitor.

This ought to be tracked in an upstream bug report (without upstream involvement, the likelihood of fixing this ourselves is much smaller).

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