#133 No rpm-ostree system updates are found in Discover on Fedora Kinoite
Opened 11 months ago by asciiwolf. Modified 11 months ago

Clean installation of Fedora 35 Kinoite from latest available iso. When searching for updates in Discover, no available rpm-ostree system updates are displayed in Discover. "rpm-ostree upgrade" command in terminal works fine, but it looks like that it is not possible to update the system using GUI.

I am not sure, but it may be related to this issue: https://pagure.io/fedora-kde/SIG/issue/134

Could someone please confirm that they were able to update a clean Fedora 35 Kinoite installation using GUI?

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11 months ago

I have updated the system to a latest one two days ago. Today, I have checked for new updates and Discover again found no new updates. Running "rpm-ostree upgrade" returned a couple of updated packages.

It looks like that system updates on Kinoite do not work at all when using GUI and have to be always done in terminal.

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11 months ago

Regarding the rpm-ostree support in Discover, please see my comment here:


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