#13 Build Flatpaks for KDE Apps
Opened 6 months ago by siosm. Modified 16 days ago

I started packaging KDE Apps for Flathub and I've been looking at doing the same for Fedora, similarly to how Silverblue currently has GNOME Flatpaks for GNOME Apps.

I tried to follow the Flatpak guide but so far I have not successfully created a Flatpak yet.

Work in progress:

I will post detailed error logs soon.

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6 months ago

Can we focus on having 1 good set of apps packaged? It's already a considerable amount of work to maintain flathub, let alone telling our users that they have different experiences to choose from.

One of the issues we have is that we can't really ship stuff from Flathub on our media. There are some technical and legal issues that are difficult to resolve. This was something that Fedora Workstation ran into, and basically now each app has to be qualified as an app we can't ship and isn't encumbered for making it available by default.

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4 months ago

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