#102 No python2 in RHEL9
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I have double and triple checked. There will be no python2 in RHEL9 in any form.

qt5-qtwebengine uses python2, heavily.
It has a Fedora exception, because it is based off Chromium.

Although I don't know of any other KDE packages that require python2, there are many that require qt5-qtwebengine.

Any thoughts on what to do for epel9 / epel9-next ?

I know one option might be to put python2 in epel9. But I believe that is beyond the scope of the kde-sig.

This is probably something we should sync with KDE upstream about, because this is going to be a problem for everybody.

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So @tdawson will reach out to Adriaan de Groot on his patches to port the build dependency to Python 3.

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It looks like qt5-qtwebengine is the only package in the KDE Plasma Desktop that requires python2 to build. And none of them require python2 to run.
After months of attempting to patch qt5-qtwebengine to build with python3, it was decided to use a bundled python binary to build it.
I took the python2.7-2.7.18-19.fc6, turned off tkineter and doc building, then scratch compiled it in epel9. Then then bundled the corresponding source rpm, and binary rpms into the srpm, and used the binaries to build qt5-qtwebengine-5.15.8-3.el9.1.

Not an ideal solution, but it works, and there are no extra code patches for qtwebengine.

Note: qt6-qtwebengine-6.3 builds using python3.

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6 months ago

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