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-  <img src="https:\/\/pagure.io\/fedora-join\/Welcome-to-Fedora\/raw\/master\/f\/Artwork\/Welcome-to-Fedora-banner.png" alt="fedora-banner" width="100%"> 

+  <img src="https:\/\/pagure.io\/fork\/ahmedalmeleh\/fedora-join\/Welcome-to-Fedora\/raw\/master\/f\/Artwork\/Downloads\/new-welcome-banner-bitmap.png" alt="fedora-banner" width="100%"> 

  # Welcome to Fedora!



Although I think it needs to be in the project files to work.

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5 months ago

In my opinion, like it is right now, you should pick the image file and put it in this repository (maybe called Welcome-to-Fedora-banner-new.png).
Then change the link to point this new image

I agree with you although I'm not sure how to add the file into the repo directory for my fork of Welcome to Fedora. Could you maybe tell me or link instructions.

Are you working via web or using git?

I used web but maybe git may be the only option.

@ahmedalmeleh just ask if you are in trouble or if you don't know where to start :-)

I don't know the steps to take.

Ok, I will try to give you some advises.

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4 months ago

Done was a little tricky with cp but got there in the end.

Ok @ahmedalmeleh thanks.
Let's start from scratch. This is just an exercise.
I will not merge these PR. You should delete your fork, just to make it simple. Fork the repository again. Only add the image and submit a PR. Let be more descriptive in the commit comments.

Once the image is in place, then change also the README.md file, pointing the link to the Join repository and not to your fork, then submit another PR.


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