#129 Welcome to Fedora jack_hq1
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Hello @jack_hq1! Welcome to Fedora!

Before we begin, please subscribe to the Fedora join mailing list at
We use this list for general discussion, and it is also where the community
shares tasks that need help.

Then, could you please introduce yourself (preferably on the list) so that the
community can get to know you? (interests, skills, anything you wish to say
about yourself really)

In the meantime, these links would be a good read. They tell you what the
Free/Open Source community is about, and then they'll introduce you to Fedora:
what Fedora is all about, and what we do, and of course, how we do it:

If you have any questions at all, please ask! We'll use this ticket to keep in
touch! :)

As stated on the Join TG group, @jack_hq1 is interested in QA.
Following our suggestions, he already sent an introduction to the QA team mailing list

So @jack_hq1, with this ticket you have more stuff to read :-D
If you have questions, please use this ticket, Telegram, whatever. Or if you have questions specific to testing, you can use the mailing list (there is a QA telegram group as well).

Hey @jack_hq1,

Hope you are doing well and enjoyed your time with us at Nest With Fedora 2021. Should you have missed out on our talks, a recording of those would be made available very soon on our official YouTube channel. I reach out to know if you have found something exciting to contribute to and be a part of in the community. With that, I am marking this ticket with its first progress check.

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9 months ago

Hi! @t0xic0der

Thanks for updating me on the recording of the talks for Nest with Fedora 2021. I'll definitely spend some time watching the updates. Sadly, I wasn't able to participate during the Kernel Test week 2 weeks back :X I wasn't ready to dual boot fedora into my macbook just yet. In other news, I've been helping out people in my social circles in getting Fedora on their machines. I even got my 15 year old brother to dual boot fedora on his lenovo laptop/netbook (specs like chromebook so it doesn't really deserve the laptop title) so I'm watching his transition out of windows to take notes of to help my other friends transition.

Other than that I'm reconsidering my decision to move one of my other machines to rawhide. I still do want to help improve UI/UX for my friends to be able to transition out of Windows/Mac. That's really it... Thanks for the progress check!

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4 months ago

Hey @jack_hq1 how are you?
This is a progress check for this ticket. Did you find something interesting? How it is going?

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4 months ago

Another progress check.
If we don't hear you in the next days, we will close this ticket (just to clean the queue, you are free to reopen it, and you are welcome to contact us whenever you like).

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