#122 Welcome to Fedora @sharmavmv!
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Hello @sharmavmv! Welcome to Fedora!

Before we begin, please subscribe to the Fedora join mailing list at
We use this list for general discussion, and it is also where the community
shares tasks that need help.

Then, could you please introduce yourself (preferably on the list) so that the
community can get to know you? (interests, skills, anything you wish to say
about yourself really)

In the meantime, these links would be a good read. They tell you what the
Free/Open Source community is about, and then they'll introduce you to Fedora:
what Fedora is all about, and what we do, and of course, how we do it:

If you have any questions at all, please ask! We'll use this ticket to keep in
touch! :)

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a year ago

Hello, I am varshith sharma. I am an under Grad student. I worked on Django, Flask, AWS, Aws EC-2, Lamda, RDS, and python in general. I am very much interested in working with any new tech stacks. I want both to learn and work at the same time. @t0xic0der

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a year ago

Hey, I don't exactly know what to do now. Should I wait for you to say something or Am I supposed to ask in the group? That small clarification will be very much appreciated.

You would want to first go through the links provided in the ticket body - for having an understanding of how our community is organized and how we do the things we do. Then on, you can go ahead and explore the subprojects to see what they do - and to see if you wish to be a part of it. I want to emphasize that there are indeed a lot of ways to contribute - be it design, packaging, infrastructure, development, community outreach, documentation (and a lot more that I could not recall).

Like you mentioned that you wish to work on web development, I would suggest you participate in the Fedora Websites and Apps Team - you can find more about it here https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/proposed-objective-fedora-websites-apps-community-revamp/ and you can connect to us at IRC. Simply type in /join #fedora-websites on an IRC client pointed towards irc.libera.chat:6697.

Hey, Thanks for your response. But Unfortunately, I don't know how to connect to an IRC client. Can you help me with that?


  1. Install hexchat -> sudo dnf install hexchat
  2. Add the Server -> irc.libera.chat:6697
  3. Click Connect or and type -> /join #fedora-websites
    or Add the Room -> #fedora-websites
  4. Register your nick -> https://libera.chat/guides/registration

most of all fedora channels are available in Telegram and Matrix... Just Search

Regards., HTH

Hey there,

We really hope that you were able to find something in the community that piques your interest (and if you were, we would absolutely love to hear about it). If not, please feel free to reach out to us with your questions/concerns and we would be glad to help you out. :-)

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a year ago

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a year ago

I am very much happy about your help in getting started. I was able to find something interested and I am now also getting the gist about the Fedora community and how it really works. I hope I can contribute my best to the community and learn from the community while doing so. @t0xic0der

Hey @sharmavmv,

Hope you are doing well and enjoyed your time with us at Nest With Fedora 2021. Should you have missed out on our talks, a recording of those would be made available very soon on our official YouTube channel. I reach out to know if you have found something exciting to contribute to and be a part of in the community. With that, I am marking this ticket with its second progress check.

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a year ago

Hey @t0xic0der

I am very glad that you have reached out to me. Yes, I am doing great and hope you are too. And I have missed some of the meetings. I am very much interested in working on the websites and apps team and I find that very interesting since I am a full stack developer myself. And I am also sure that from Next Tuesday I can attend the meeting and also contribute to Our Fedora community. Hope to meet you soon. Thank you


Hope you are doing well. It has been a while since the last time we heard from you and we would like to know if you found something to be a part of. I am marking this ticket with the "Progress Check 3 - Final" now. Please note that this is a final progress check from our end, a couple of weeks without response - we would go ahead and close this ticket.

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a year ago

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Hey there,

It has been a while since the last time this ticket was updated.
As we are beyond the third and final progress check, I am going to go ahead and close this ticket.

Please feel free to come back at any point in time to reopen this ticket, if you wish to continue on from wherever you left off.

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