#86 Keeping an eye on contributors looking for sponsorship to various groups
Opened 3 years ago by ankursinha. Modified 2 years ago

I'd like us to be proactive with folks that are looking to get sponsored to various teams---rather than waiting for them to come find us (reactive).

I propose that we each pick a team we work in and keep an eye on newbies, and that we make this a constant fixture at weekly meetings. I shall modify our next_meeting template to include this as an agenda. We should open different tickets for whatever teams we can support.

If we do agree, we should also post a community blog post detailing this and requesting liasons from different groups to join fedora-join to help us.


Ww need to know our group intersection set, I'm in fedora Mexico, ambassadors, ambassadors LATAM, dotnet, Join, marketing, commops, and infra apprentices, I can help in this group or at least I'm know the onboarding process. But how many different groups we can reach with the most active fjoin members?

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