#72 Script to get last activity of users in a group
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the main idea is identify the inactive users.


Yes, that really is the main goal here as far as I can see.

At the first stage we can get the group membership and the FAS fields 'active' and 'Last_seen',

my own criteria was given a date $X$ i considered active the $y$ members if

$y.last_seen > X$ and $y.active == True$

sounds fine as the first approach?


i don't want rewrite the same thing, so this code do all we want (for this ticket) and with a little more of love (and maybe a new name) can cover the cross group-user query (I'm thinking in a better form than just get all the groups data (fedora.client.fas2.AccountSystem.group_data()) and get a dictionary counting one by one)

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2 years ago

Any updates on this ticket ?

+1 for close this ticket:

we have a few script to accomplish this task, see it in our docs:




your script cover this ticket: as far I can understand




  1. Are you agree with me to close this ticket?

have you already developed this script? or this is my understand


  1. Th TEAM have got some script in joing SIG to accoplish this task....
  2. and the complete remap process fo the ambasador team...


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