#7 Prospective contributor introduction template
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We should create a template for prospective contributors to use when introducing themselves.

Besides obvious biographical data, it should have some entertaining character related points. Filling out a form is droll, but if we can make it fun, it hits the "Friends" foundation early on.

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Will add a template file as an attachment and native file for those cloning.

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some time for ticket was opened, time flies and :fedora: runs and changes quickly...

The Fedora JOIN SIG now has a process to reclute new talent with its proper workflow...

as far I can tell Fedora join team has a template and separate pagure instance to welcome! new commers and new workflow as I said before... but we don't have a specific template for introduce newcommers themselves.... like

1.- fas id.
2.- skill's
3.- What are your Interesting areas of fedora?

That is the typical TOPIC used by the newcomers..... in their introduce request....


But this template should be added to the Join docs?
Btw I think that a template is pretty pointless nowadays. In addition in the welcome thicket we already suggest what to include in the introduction message:
"Then, could you please introduce yourself (preferably on the list) so that the
community can get to know you? (interests, skills, anything you wish to say
about yourself really)"

Anyway I see that people sending introduction emails (to Join SIG or to other teams) are generally diligent in introducing themselves. No need to add bureaucracy there.
So, IMHO, we can close this ticket.

you can read more info here: in SOP of Fedora Join TEAM:

I know :-D

So what we do with this ticket?

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