#64 Possible Classroom about Podman and/or Containers 101
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this ticket is for following the process of organize and run two different classroom from the same instructor.

@alciregi do you thing we can ask for a possible summary about one (or both) of the classrooms?
and what kind of format is preferable for the first classroom

I contacted the instructor a few days ago.
He said that he is thinking about the summary and the material to run the classroom.
He will ping me as soon as he is ready.

many thanks @alciregi , anything than you and he need let us know

Is this a general session on silverblue + podman/containers, or will it limit itself to podman/containers?

(If not, maybe we should have a silverblue session first, and then base the podman/containers on that in the next one or two weeks?)

Is this a general session on silverblue + podman/containers, or will it limit itself to podman/containers?

It should be mainly on containers. Podman will be a tool to mention and to use in order to show containers examples.
Btw I have no news from the possible instructor.

I'm think than is better do a podman/containers and schedule another for silverblue (that will be awesome)

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Hi everybody :)

Here I am, I would thanks @alciregi for bringing me in this initiative.

I'm currently working on the presentation content, I'm thinking to some examples to show in the session and I will try to demo them through SilverBlue, anyway they should be generic enough for executing them also on plain Fedora :)

For target date, I would prefer first week of December, I'll try finish content by the end of next week while start planning also the examples.


@alezzandro - lovely! The sessions will be held after 13/12/2018 as per our schedule. Can you please pick a day and time after then and we'll put it on the schedule and start working on the logistics?


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Perfect, so I chose 13 December from 17:00 - 18:00, Milan/Rome timezone https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/italy/rome

Do you think it's ok?

I could setup a BlueJeans call for sharing my desktop to the classroom and let people view it. Of course I could start recording if needed.

Please correct my name in the schedule, my nick is alezzandro but my name is Alessandro with the "S" :) https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Classroom/F29


Yes, that's lovely! I've updated the schedule. Sorry about the spelling in your name :/

Please double check the schedule once just to check if the time and date there is correct. We mention it in UTC so that everyone can find their local times accordingly.


@alezzandro : when you have the time, could you please send us a summary for the magazine post? We'll set it up and get it scheduled for publishing sufficiently in advance.

This is what an announcement post would look like:

In the "joining the session" section, we provide the link to the BlueJeans room. We do record the sessions so that they can be put up on the Fedora Youtube channel for folks to watch later.

(We don't have a template yet, hopefully this week I'll get that done).

@ankursinha this is the summary, feel free to correct/edit

Topic: Containers 101 with Podman

Containers are becoming the "de facto" standard for applications' build and distribution.
Fedora as a modern Operating System supports by default Containers' usage since different releases.
As for every new technology, there are different applications and services available for adopting it.
In this classroom we'll explain the basics of Containers technology and its implementation in Fedora 29 through new and open source tool like: Podman and Buildah.

Here’s the agenda for the Classroom session:

Containers 101 with Podman

  1. What are Linux Containers?
  2. Deep dive in Containers Architecture
  3. Containers Runtimes
  4. Build and Run Containers
  5. Introduction on Networks, Logs, Security and Persistent Storage


Alessandro Arrichiello is a Solution Architect for Red Hat Inc.
He has a passion for GNU/Linux systems, which began at age 14 and continues today.
He worked with tools for automating Enterprise IT: configuration management and continuous integration through virtual platforms.
He’s now working on distributed cloud environment involving PaaS (OpenShift), IaaS (OpenStack) and Processes Management (CloudForms), Containers building, instances creation, HA services management, workflows build.

hi @alezzandro @ankursinha

Take a look of this:

still i need two to things:
check if the time is correct event time
the BlueJeans/jitsi link

@bt0dotninja the preview is ok for me.
Time seems correct: 17:00 (GMT+1)

I didn't catch if I have to create and share a BJ or I'll use yours.


@bt0dotninja the preview is ok for me.
Time seems correct: 17:00 (GMT+1)
I didn't catch if I have to create and share a BJ or I'll use yours.

If you can create a BJ room and give us the link, that'll be quicker. We don't have access to it (we're not RH employees), so we'd have to ask someone from RH to set it up for us.

Thanks again! :)

Sure , l was update the draft, when is a good date to publish it?, the editorial meeting was yesterday (I think) but we need publish it at least a week before the classroom, right?

Hi there! :) All went ok, 90+ attendees! What about the presentation (which format? pdf? odp?) and the recording? Where I can upload them? Thanks.

Hi @alezzandro,
thanks for the awesome talk
For the presentation PDF is fine.
About the recording still we don't standardized a way to transfer it, the last few times the instructor upload it to his personal YouTube channel as private video and share us the link, we download it with youtube-cl or something like that and then we upload to the fedora YouTube account. But we are open to new ideas :sweat_smile:

What about a Google Drive? :)

Please let me know when you downloaded the stuff so I can remove the files from GDrive for saving space!


Hi again @alezzandro ,

Many thanks, actually I already upload it and update the classroom page too


so you can remove the files.

Really many thanks, we are working with the badges team to award you the "Sensei Badge"

Great! Thank you so much for the badge!

My last requests:
Could you change YouTube video's TITLE to the session title? -> "Containers 101 with Podman on Fedora 29"

And place in Videos' description:
1) my name
2) the link to the Fedora classrooms' page

Thanks to these edits the video should be easily found on Youtube and people may link back to the Fedora Classrooms' main page!

Thanks :)


It's perfect,

Thanks again!

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