#63 A monthly "easyfix day"
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What do people think of organising a monthly "easyfix day" where we can get lots of contributors and newbies into a channel and go through the easyfix list fixing what we can. The newbies can take up tickets, and the contributors can help them with their tasks?

This will promote easyfix more, and also get work done while helping newbies to learn how to go about things?

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2 years ago

I like the idea. However, we might possibly miss out on people who are unaware about or uncomfortable with IRC (assuming that is what you meant). I'd suggest we plan this out on multiple channels.

My questions

  1. Should the "EasyFix day" be a fixed date per month or something more flexible, for eg: the second Saturday of every month?
  2. How much time shall be allocated for this activity?
  3. Shall we decide a fix agenda (like our meetings), or shall we just ask contributors to hang out in channels and let newbies take action?
  4. Shall we focus on one project per "easyfix day" or can it be any project that the newbies would like to take up?
  5. What happens when we don't have enough contributors available to help out the newbies?

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2 years ago

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