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To improve easyfix, we must first understand how it works. @dhanesh95 and @ankursinha are working on this. We'll dump information that we find in this ticket.

After some research on Easyfix, I came up with an Etherpad page which lists down all the details about the project.

Important links

[1] Website - https://fedoraproject.org/easyfix/
[2] Pagure Docs - https://docs.pagure.org/infra-docs/sysadmin-guide/sops/gather-easyfix.html
[3] Wiki page - https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Easyfix


  • Fedora Easyfix provides a page which contains a curated list of beginner friendly tasks gathered from different project sources.

  • The code is written in Python.

  • A python script parses through a list of participating projects available on Easyfix Wiki page [3] and queries respective hosts to gather issues.

  • Gathered data is used to generate an HTML page.

  • This HTML page is then improved by the Javascript and CSS files from the sources.

  • Currently only Github, Pagure and Fedorahosted (Trac) is supported.

Improvements to the current process

My suggestions on how we should tackle this ticket

  • Issues tagged as "easyfix" by project owners can be very relative. What I mean by that is an "easyfix" issue may not always be the best way for a contributor to get started with the project. It could be possible to further break down the issue into smaller, more manageable pieces or changing the scope to make it more beginner friendly. We should probably work on this idea and try to formulate some guide on best practices for categorizing an issues as "easyfix"

  • We should also concentrate on implementing the ideas proposed by @bex in the post mentioned above. His ideas are very much inline with the current state of the "easyfix" system. Technical improvements to the project can be discussed and worked on for the long run.

@dhanesh95 : I think this is done now. Should we close the ticket and work on the commblog post and easyfix improvements?

@dhanesh95 : I think this is done now. Should we close the ticket and work on the commblog post and easyfix improvements?

@ankursinha Yes. Closing the ticket as fixed.

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