#45 Temporary member: dukebarman
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Sponsored dukebarman to the Fedora-Join FAS group on April 21.

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From our biweekly meeting

The idea was to give them temporary membership so that they could edit the wiki,etc

Now he has his own wiki Page:

and the 'last_seen' field of his FAS account shows: 2018-05-08 10:43:36.299643 (May, 8 was the last activity registered )

The graphic (open with firefox) shows what kind of activities he did in from April, 21 to May,8


Dropped @dukebarman an e-mail today. Will update when I hear back.

@dukebarman pinged me to say that unfortunately they do not have free cycles to work on stuff at the moment. I told them that that's perfectly OK, and happens to all us volunteers from time to time. I've asked them to please get in touch with us when they do have more time on their hands too.

I'm removing them from the FAS group, and closing this ticket. We shall re-open it when the time comes.

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