#34 Should we promote https://fedoraproject.org/easyfix/ more?
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It seems like a direct actionable link. I believe with some encouragement we could get some more docs tasks lists ( @immanetize ) if we know they will get surfaced.

Yeh - let's discuss this at the next meeting and discuss how we go about this?

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5 years ago

+1, I'm sure fi-infra apprentices would love this too as a low energy/low bar entry.

This is still pending - I wonder if there was any discussion off list for this, otherwise I'll start one?

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4 years ago

I am +1 this. I'd also like us to think about how we could make this easier to use and better organized. I have some ideas but would welcome more.

I think fixing the easy fix page would probably be an ... easy fix :)

Discussed in 2018-04-17 meeting


We decided to work on the ideas proposed by @bex and break them down into actionable items which can be performed by Join SIG, CommOps and Infra.


  • @ankursinha will create a list of actionable items for Join SIG before the next meeting
  • @dhanesh95 will create a list of actionable items for CommOps before the next meeting

Help Wanted

We're looking for anyone who can help with identifying the actionable items for Infra from @bex 's post mentioned in the above comment

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4 years ago

We'd come up with this: https://etherpad.gnome.org/p/Easyfix-tasks

I'll translate it into markdown and comment here. Assigning to myself.

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