#269 [F37] Fedora QA Onboarding
Closed: Fixed 24 days ago by ankursinha. Opened 10 months ago by sumantrom.

Hey Folks,

I want to run a Fedora QA onboarding call. If the schedule is clear, I would like to have it sometime this week? at max the next.
If not, can you guys suggest me a date?


I'm not aware of anything at all on the join SIG's calendar, so anytime works.

However let's consider the time to spread the word :-)

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10 months ago

I have opened an whenisgood on @test. Let's announce it to folks on the Join Queue so that everyone knows we are doing this :D

Hey folks, I could do with a recording of this onboard call. Thanks

@sumantrom : this one OK to close now? (And are recordings available for folks to look at)?

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24 days ago

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