#256 Let's have a Fedora Join team meeting
Opened a year ago by ankursinha. Modified 9 months ago

We'd talked about a meeting recently but got busy with Nest etc. Are folks still interested in this?

There are a few tickets that can be discussed at the meeting. For example: https://pagure.io/fedora-join/Fedora-Join/issue/243

If you can please go through your tickets and mark them for the meeting with the "Next meeting" tag, that'll form our agenda.


Hey folks!

It would be great having a meeting again! :) So strongly supporting it!




+1, noting that we document the scope of the meeting beforehand.

As most people start from Join SIG, the meeting can quickly make its way to become a general contributing one so we would want to keep this discussion less about contributing and more about how a newcomer experience can be enhanced.

Let's do this in the new year. I'll ping us in Jan.

OK, we're still in Jan, so time to ping :P

How do folks want to restart meetings?

We have only two tickets that are marked "next meeting", and they may be a bit stale already:


For "future meetings", we have a three, but also probably stale:


  • ticket #219 is about reducing drop-out rates, and one of the ideas there was the regular AMAs (#241).
  • ticket #158 is about making classrooms more flexible etc., and needs some comments.

So, out of these, which can be put on the agenda for our next meeting, and which do we think need more ticket comments?

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