#252 Update duckduckgo bang for ask fedora
Opened 10 months ago by ankursinha. Modified 5 months ago

The duckduckgo bang is outdated:


We need to reach out to duckduckgo and get that updated.


I updated the bang ask fedora on duckduckgo
I'm waiting for DuckDuckGo to approve it


Just checked, it still seems to use the askbot URL.

@itotutona anything we can do to poke DuckDuckGo again about this?

Metadata Update from @ankursinha:
- Issue assigned to itotutona

5 months ago


I'm waiting for duckduckgo to send me a confirmation of the change. But since it's been a long time (2 months), I re-requested a modification. I hope to have a confirmation of change soon.


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