#23 Resurrect classic IRC classroom programme
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Until #22 is being worked on, I suggest we resurrect the classic IRC based classroom sessions that we had in the past - so that we can get the ball rolling and so that we can begin to get people involved in the system.

Once we have the newer classroom worked out, we can phase this out and move to the new one!

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5 years ago

Task to be done:

  • clean out wiki
  • check out ML to see if its active
  • rope in some volunteers to schedule some classrooms
  • publicise the resurrection (ML + wiki + what to do + how to help)

This page lists the different roles we need filled:


In short:

  • Instructor - the one that teaches
  • Instructor recruiter - find people that know things and ask them to take a session
  • Advertising - publicise the sessions
  • Emcee - someone well versed with IRC to help out with sessions

Task to be done:

clean out wiki
check out ML to see if its active

Done these two. Dropped an e-mail to the classroom mailing list too:

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5 years ago

Recommend closing 22 or this ticket OR marking one as blocked |duplicate of the other.

I'll close this when the first IRC classroom has gone through.

Up and running - should've closed this a while back!

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4 years ago

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