#228 Import "UTCHowto" wiki page as Fedora Join docs page
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Import UTCHowto wiki page as a new docs page in Fedora Join docs


The Fedora Infrastructure team maintains a wiki page that explains Universal Coordinated Time (U.T.C.). It is a good explanation, invites community improvements via the wiki, and is useful for working in many time zones. The Fedora Infra team has maintained this wiki page for at least ~12 years (since the MoinMoin wiki).

However, in 2020, it turns out working in multiple time zones is a helpful skill in general. It is as useful for Fedora Infrastructure as it is for CommOps, Dotnet SIG, Ambassadors, Mindshare, or almost any other community team with at least three active people. UTC is helpful to understand as an Open Source contributor in general.

Unfortunately this wiki page is buried where it is now. I think Fedora Join is a better home for it since it is especially helpful for new Fedora and Open Source contributors. It also invites Fedora newcomers to help improve the doc page over time too.


  1. Convert MediaWiki to AsciiDoc
  2. Make small cosmetic edits as needed
  3. Add new page to docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/fedora-join/

I am willing to do this work, but I want to get a thumbs-up first on Fedora Join SIG maintaining this doc.


  • New contributors are more likely to discover helpful information about working in multiple time zones
  • Past helpful work from Fedora Infrastructure team gets improved visibility in wider Fedora Community

Hrmm, looks pretty generic---no harm in adding it to Fedora Join docs, but then I worry that it'll get buried there. Community members don't tend to look at the Fedora Join docs since they're heavily aimed at newcomers. Would quick-docs be a better place for it or a team that's more general than Fedora Join---perhaps mindshare?

Quick Docs would work too, but it would help if we could group it with other contributor-oriented docs. I find Quick Docs tricky to navigate sometimes and it might end up buried there too if it doesn't have good Search Engine keywords.

Hrm, how about Mindshare/CommOps which are more general than Join? I just worry that putting it in the join docs would also bury it---not a lot of the community folks look at our docs.

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3 years ago

This is more oriented about, finding the respective time zone when a fedora event/metting/etc occurs.


IMHO, I think this is more General, not every TEAM has a meeting

Is there something we can do to close this ticket?

  1. one options is add it to every TEAM docs which manage a meeting/schedule/classroom
  2. another one is here -> https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/mindshare-committee/#_irc_telegram because mindshare manage a lot meeting/events/etc. including nest


Should we add it to the join docs near "welcome to Fedora" for the moment perhaps?

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