#222 Possible classroom session: Bugzilla Bazics
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@jflory7 has a marvellous idea about an impending Fedora Classroom session. How about we cover the basics of Bugzilla in the next video session?

Why though?
Folks using a leading-edge distro like Fedora are likely to face defects in the continually updating software applications. Bugzilla (https://bugzilla.redhat.com/enter_bug.cgi) allows for reporting of bugs (duh) so that the devs behind it can immediately get to know about its occurrences and endeavour to solve it. Although the process might sound easy but considering the way, the Bugzilla website looks - folks could use some assistance in knowing how to do what they would want to do.

We can focus on covering the following points.

  • Basics of bug tracking system
    • Why is there a need for a bug tracking system?
    • SWOT of a bug tracking system
  • RedHat Bugzilla Tour
    • Filing a bug
      • Account creation and verification
      • Picking appropriate classification and project
      • Picking appropriate component, version, hardware and OS
      • Judging on issue severity and getting the summary right
      • Using the issue template to draft a description
      • Being informative with attachments
      • Sharing with project contributor groups
      • Submitting and collaborating continuously
    • Searching specific bugs
      • Why would you do that?
      • How would you do that?
    • Further reading

What else can/should we cover?

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Reference: https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/quick-docs/howto-file-a-bug/

It'll be good to take a quick look at the quick-doc to check if it's up to date too.

Sure thing @ankursinha. But we should probably create an issue pertaining to the docs review.

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