#20 fedoracommunity.org overhaul
Opened 3 years ago by ankursinha. Modified 3 years ago

From my e-mail to the ML:

I still think a nice web overview of the community would give people
outside the community a good insight into our interactions, and in
turn, this would make it easier for them to join us. What do folks
think of modifying fedoracommunity.org to depict the community in
different views:

  • by roles
  • by teams
  • by region

At the moment, it feels like it's limited to ambassadors only, and only
serves to collect regional websites.

(I suggest modifying fedoracommunity.org instead of setting up a new
join.fp.o as before because the general feeling in the community seems
to be that we already have too many web resources and any more are
either surplus or unmanageable.)

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