#19 Propose stage 2 to the Fedora Council as a project-level objective
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As @mattdm pointed out, this would help highlight the channels throughout the community.

This does come with some degree of commitment, including having formal goals in a 12-18 month timeframe. And it also would include a seat on the Fedora Council.

This was discussed at our meeting on January 30 2017.

Both @skamath and @dhanesh95 have expressed interest in taking up this role and the work associated with it. Guys, please do your homework and then let us know if you are able to put aside the required cycles for the associated period of time. Thanks for volunteering! :)

I read through the thread on the mailing list and it seems like a very interesting job and also a prestigious one. However, it needs some degree of commitment which I'm not sure I'll be able to cope up with given my recent situation.
I already have a host of things I need to take care of and adding another important one will not be fair to the team.

@skamath You have my complete support to take up this role.

@ankursinha I somehow forgot to comment on this ticket. I am willing to take this up :)

@ankursinha I somehow forgot to comment on this ticket. I am willing to take this up :)

Me too! Let's discuss what this requires over IRC sometime?

I'd be willing to back someone up in a tag team mentality.

Closing this as invalid. We're too short on hands to manage a community level objective.

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