#128 [AskFedora] What is The Easy way of migration to discourse???
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@ankur wrote : Mon, 19 Nov 2018

"We'll go through the tickets and try to plan what the easiest way of migrating to discourse can be---while not losing the community of users/helpers that has been formed around Ask Fedora itself."

My bet is the Following :

  1. Define the Host name : discourse.askfedora.org
  2. Define the structure of the site : #107 and Login Method's (FAS, facebook, google+, yahoo, openid, wordpress)
  • English :

         * Announcements
         * Meta (Cleaning Meta or not migrate meta tag based in this conclusion #51)
         * Sticky -> Tag Sticky
         * Q&A (Don't migrate dupe question)
         * Guidelines (Common Task) -> Tag guideline
         * Tips
  • Español :

         * Anuncios
         * Meta
         * Guias
         * Preguntas
         * Tips
  • Another Language

  • and so on...

  1. Install Discourse Solved (Accepted answer plugin) #109 also Mark Solved a Topic and Karma #106 and askimet (control spam) #107
  2. backup, Run the ruby Script -> (Complete Site) , development, or take and exist it one, (need it access ssh to both server, ruby and progestsql )
  3. Review and Implement new badged in discourse #108 with SQL Injection
  4. Documentation task #104
  5. Define and disgragate Staff/Admin/Mod/User by his/her karma Based on this Structure #106 :
  • https://meta.discourse.org/t/description-of-various-user-states-in-discourse/35171
            *  Admin (Askfedora Administrator)
            *  Developer (N/A)
            *  Moderator (New Role)
            *  Staff any kind of admin/mod (Fedora Project Lider)
            *  Trust Level 4 — Leader (AskFedora Moderator)
            *  Trust Level 3 — Regular
            *  Trust Level 2 — Member
            *  Trust Level 1 — Basic
            *  Trust Level 0 — New (all new askfedora user with 0 question should be here)

Requirement :

Need translation to greek, russian, tradicional chinesse, catalan, simplified chinesse, brazilian portuguese, Indonesion the following and also task #104:

         * Announcements
         * Meta
         * Q&A
         * Guidelines (Common Task)
         * Tips

Open Discusion :

  1. Anyone know's if anaconda slides talk about askfedora??? or show any reference to the site.
  2. Which category is this task #104, maybe Meta or Sticky or Guidelines?
  3. Define the time how many time a question can be open?

Future Implementation :

  1. Define task to follow for future improvements and implementations.
  2. Task #93
  3. future installing of usefull plug-ins #107
  4. Include discourse Silverblue in askfedora as a Category Silverblue
  5. Include Spin Category
  6. Study the posibility to open new Login Method and Social Network
  7. Involve Fedora Design Team to customize discourse Badged because Badged in Discourse are
    full Customized

Note : evaluate if we need task #124 before migration

Pending Task : #92, #101, #110

Vocabulary :

  1. Category (Language) without parent.

    1. Sub-Category (Announcements, Meta, Sticky, Q&A, Guidelines, Tips).
      1. Tag's. of each Topic

Note : Sub-Category I call it like this but is a category with parent...

@mattdm , @ankursinha

"mattdm had said that enabling other logins means we cant get proper metrics and so on"

if you want to collect statistical, metric, data you can use the Data Explorer plugin.


@mattdm @ankursinha

Sorry for misunderstand it your requirement, last night I join to discousion and I read commops objetives, in conclusion you would like something like pagure to start a event every insert, update, to collect information, what you need is a TRIGGER, A trigger is a special type of stored procedure
separate of the database but connect it (you don't have to modify the database in any form, just create the procedure [just create the FUNCTION and the TRIGGER[) that automatically executes when an event occurs in the database server, events are INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE statements on a table or view.


Regards, HTH

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The deal is moving askfedora to a new instance an hosted by upstream, the plan is the following as discuted in the join meeting 01/08/2019 :


Regards., HTH

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